Power System Solutions

Using our experience from utility-scale installations, Apeiron’s power system experts are able to bring bleeding edge and cost effect solutions to commercial businesses.

Peak Shaving

Apeiron’s energy experts use monitoring software, battery storage, and backup generators to create a resilient power system. Demand charges can be reduced or eliminated by “shaving peak” usage.

Beyond being resilient to costly outages the carbon footprint of your business is greatly reduced.

Resilient Power Systems

Power outages damage equipment and halt your staff from working. With uninterruptible power supplies, battery storage, and generators Apeiron’s power system experts will have your business operating smoothly through outages.

Green Energy

With a combination of solar and battery storage, your business can operate on 100% sustainable green energy. The renewable energy certificates/credits generated by your system can also be used to offset other parts of your company to hit sustainable energy goals.

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