Stop Renting Utility Power Own a Resilient & Green Power System

Cost of Peak Power

Commercial energy bills are based on two types of charges, usage and demand.

Demand charges are based on the highest 15-minute peak electricity usage recorded within a month. 30%-70% of your bill can come from demand charges.

Peak Shaving Solution

Apeiron’s energy experts use monitoring software, battery storage, and backup generators to create a resilient power system. Demand charges can be reduced or eliminated by “shaving peak” usage.

Beyond being resilient to costly outages the carbon footprint of your business is greatly reduced.

Cost Savings
Day One

Financing programs available with zero capital expense

Rising Cost of Utilities

Price increases each year 3%-8% plus 2%-3% for inflation. Compound interest at its worst

Utilities Graph From The U.S. Department of Energy —

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