Clean, Affordable Energy

Why go Solar?

At Apeiron Solar we ensure going solar is both easy and saves you money. We take you through a step-by-step process, including, purchasing, financing and installation that includes all state and federal incentives. At Apeiron, we offer financing, leasing and purchase options with 100% satisfaction and performance guarantees.

Manage Your Energy Costs

Owners can save on their monthly electric bill, while locking in energy rates for years to come. You have the option to pay nothing upfront and immediately start saving. When your utility company increases the cost of energy, these saving will increase over time.

Customize Your System

At Apeiron we customize your power system to fit your energy needs. In addition to rooftop solar, we also offer battery backup and generator options to ensure your entire home will never experience a power outage. We also offer a free Apeiron mobile app to continuously monitor your power system 24-7 wherever you are.